Friday, October 19, 2012

Group Break: Cubs

Team: Cubs
Buyer: Jeff Laws

We finally reached the upper half of the league salary chart and we've seen 20 of 47 hits.  As you can tell, the teams that spend are the teams that have more cards.  The bottom 15 teams ended up with a total of 1450 cards while the top 15 ended up with 1829.

The good stuff isn't wasting any time, either, with the Cubs rolling in some great cards:

Black #24/50; Red #005/250; Chrome #1276/1960
We already saw the Cubs first hit in a box of Artifacts, this Aramis Ramirez jersey:

Well, the jersey department stayed open in Chicago with this Rich Hill Spectrum Swatch:

Love the pinstripe and the blue background!
Speaking of great looking blue Cubs cards:

This Gorzelanny auto came from a retail pack of Topps 206 that I got out of a 10-pack repack thingy at Target.  I was certainly surprised.  It's a great looking signature and the blue ink and blue-lined frame just look awesome.  I'm sure Jeff's son will be happy with his Cubs haul.

Cubs Totals:
Base: 107
Parallel: 9
Insert: 5
Hits: 2 Relics and 1 Auto


Dennis said...

Well there's a bunch of cards Jeff's kid'll enjoy, and you even pulled a Rich Hill! And it's actually one I already have!

Jeff Laws said...

I was going to comment on the cards then go see if Dennis had that Rich Hill. Guess I don't have to do that now.

He's going to love those. I believe that will be his first auto as well. Thanks for the great break.