Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My first packs of Topps Update

I know, I'm late to the party...my own birthday party, actually.  It's been almost 4 weeks since my birthday, and I'm just now getting around to showing the cards that I got.

I treated myself to some Update jumbo packs, then picked up a blaster later on with some b-day money.  I'll save the blaster for another day.  My father-in-law also bought me a box of 2008 UD A Piece of History that I'll show in the future as well (not that I could show it in the past...you get the point). 

For now, here are the results of a pair of jumbo packs:

Yeah I posted the Bryce Harper card.  I like the kid's approach to the game and I like that this card probably shows him running hard on an out.  I planned on devoting an entire post to the greatness of the Bogusevic card, but Kevin of The Mojo Beard Kevin Kevin. already did.  I will say, it is, by far, the best card of the year.  Also, it is miles and miles beyond the questionably-dubbed 2011 card of the year.

It seems like many people aren't too high on the Blockbusters insert.  I find that baffling.  Other than the '87 Minis, it's the only complete insert set in all of Topps.  It has a purpose and a design that isn't made for relics and autos, unlike the Career Day inserts and Golden Moments turds.  Speaking of Golden Moments turds, this one will be going into my collection:

Tell me that isn't a statment about collectors.  "Wow, that thing is ugly as shit...wait...is that MY team? Hell yeah, I'll take it!"

In case Series 1 and 2 weren't gold enough for you, we got golder in Update.   Back for round 3 were the sparkly gold cards:

But those are really lost among the three series worth of regular gold cards:

I also got two giveaway cards, which netted me some virtual coins, which means I didn't get anything.

The two jumbos pack yielded a nice card each, however.  The first, I'm sure, will be claimed for a trade within minutes of this posting:

The second nice card actually took me a minute to realize what I had.  I got one of the photo variations.  Of all the variations to get, I got this one:

I was very happy to grab a relic and a rare Wright in two jumbo packs on my birthday.  My wife was really excited about this card, too, but only until I told her that "Wright with Dickey" didn't mean what she hoped it meant.


Greg Zakwin said...

If you could set Clayton aside for me for a future trade, that'd be cool.

Greg Zakwin said...

and congrats on the pair of Wrights!

Roy-Z said...

Excellent rips on those Update 50's. I haven't even seen any in stores. I love the '87 minis and the design & colours of the All-Star relics this year.

Also, I believe it was Greg (above) who alerted me that you may be interested in a BJ Upton Diamond Kings bat card I have, looking for a new home.

Greg Zakwin said...

'Twas indeed me Roy.

night owl said...

Pffft. Off of the top of my head I can already think of a card from 2012 better than the Bogusevic card.

And by "questionably," I think you meant "indisputably."

Community Gum said...

So far behind in my reading, but if the Dempster gold is available, I'd love to try to work out a trade. I'll have to scrounge around a little.