Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Group Break: Nationals

Team: Nationals
Buyer: Carlos Salgido...Salgedo...Salgado of Chuck's Corner

How sad was the finish to the Nationals season?  The Nationals are the closest thing I have to a hometown team (same with the Orioles, kinda).  All of their games are televised locally, so I watched them a lot this year.  It was a shame they had to drop it in such heartbreaking fashion.

Anyway, they did pretty well in this break.  They picked up two numbered Heritage Chromies:

#0924/1960 and #1129/1960
The Nats also got one of the best cards in the break from a hobby pack of 2012 Topps Heritage Minors.

Not only is this an auto, it's also a black border #44/50.  If this kid can get healthy, he may be a solid producer for the Nats in a couple years.  I picked up the pack this came from on the first day of the release, as soon as the girl busted the first box at the LCS.  I was pretty surprised to get an auto, and I was even more surprised when I looked at it a second time and saw the serial number.

Nationals Totals:
Base: 86
Parallel: 7
Insert: 5
Hits: 1 Auto

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