Friday, October 19, 2012

Group Break: Dodgers

Team: Dodgers
Buyer: Jeroen, the Dutch Card Guy

The Dodgers managed 137 total cards, which was third behind the Yankees and Red Sox (surprise, surprise).  Unfortunately, they didn't hit a whole lot of great stuff, and they didn't pull any hits.  Sometimes, a team just disappoints.

At least the Webster is nice (#353/399)

The Dodgers will definitely find a bonus in their package because I feel bad about this one.  The Dodgers usually do so well.

At least Jeroen and I have worked out a trade as well, so it will hopefully have a happy ending anyway.

Dodgers Totals:
Base: 125
Parallel: 7
Insert: 5
Hits: Nope...but I'll see what I can do.


night owl said...

Dodgers haven't done so great in majority of breaks I've been in -- that's why I don't join many (well, that and no money).

The Dutch Card Guy said...

Ah no worries, a hitless group break can happen. Happy to have added a cool trade, your package should arrive soon ! Thanks for the group break !