Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Break: Pirates

Team: Pirates
Buyer: Chris of Old Foul Cardboard

Chris contacted me late in the sale period and presented me with an offer for the Padres and Pirates, two of the hard to sell teams.  I accepted and here we are.  As you saw yesterday, he did well with a Dave Winfield relic for the Padres, so how would he do with the Pirates?

Normally I'd say that it's a win just because of the sweet Pirates holo-sticker, but he also landed three numbered cards:

Chrome #0230/1960, Refractor #363/560, Red #056/250
Just for good measure, Chris also got the base version of the Milledge card.

Rounding out the Pirates package is a relic from a pack of 2011 Topps Pro Debut:

Pirates Totals:
Base: 63
Insert: 4
Parallel: 4
Hits: 1 Relic

The Pirates were one of three teams to have less than 75 cards (one of my guarantees) so I topped them off with some cards I had.  The other two teams were the Rockies and Marlins (no surprise for the '90s expansion teams) which weren't claimed by anyone.

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