Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Sweet Spot Tin #4

It's time to show off the fourth and final tin of my 2011 Sweet Spot (NCAA) Hobby Box.

Tin 1
Tin 2
Tin 3

As with the third tin, I'm expecting a helmet auto in this one.

If only Cam Heyward had a gold helmet...

I didn't know Steve Largent went to Tulsa.  You learn something new everyday.

Titus was supposed to have a breakout year this year, but is struggling with injuries (and a slow offense start for the Lions, in General).   However, I still think he's a really talented receiver and should do well opposite Calvin Johnson.  I would also like to add that this is an "ebay 1/1" since it is numbered to 511, which is Titus' height.

As I said on the Tin 3 post, I have a soft spot for TCU and Boise State, so I was pleased with the autos despite not being huge names.  Of course, everything is up for trade.

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