Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Break: Royals

Team: Royals
Buyer: Josh of Royals and Randoms

Another return breaker, Josh had his heart ripped out last year when he didn't get any hits.  Well, to start off for this year, I'll just have to break it to you...you didn't get a hit this year either.  I know, I know, with 47 hits and 30 teams, the odds were with you.  Unfortunately, the Royals were one of seven teams to not get a hit.  Don't worry though, Josh, as I get the feeling something may sneak its way into your package that you will like.  In the meantime, here's so nice stuff that you did get:

#935/999 and #863/999
Royals Totals:
Base: 75
Parallel: 5
Insert: 5


Josh D. said...

Oh my poor heart! Ripped out again! :-)

Josh D. said...