Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Break: Diamondbacks

Team: Diamondbacks
Buyer: Dawgbones of...well...Dawgbones

If not for the presence of a printing plate in this break, Dawgbones would have landed the lowest numbered card:

Mini Black Back #21/21
We already know Dawgbones is happy with the 2007 Artifacts boxes, having landed a Miguel Montero auto:

But, he also did well with two hits from the 2009 Specturm mini-blasters:

That's right, double Justins.  I've already arranged a trade with Dawgbones for these two cards.

Diamondbacks Totals:
Base: 84
Parallel: 5
Insert: 4
Hits: 2 Relics and 1 Auto

1 comment:

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

So I guess you're telling me the printing plate is not from the Twins!
Nice cards here for the D-Backs, and yes, I still love the auto.