Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Group Break: Rays

Team: Rays
Buyer: Doug of Buck Store Cards

I was actually surprised that the Rays ended up with 100 base cards.  Usually the expansion teams lose on base cards, but the Rays did surprisingly well.  They also got a handful of nice parallels:

As for hits, the Rays got two from a single box of 2007 Artifacts:

I know...leave it to me to pull two BJ Upton relics from a single box in a group break.  I have arranged a trade with Doug for these two cards, which will work nice for him since he will be getting two Blue Jays relics and some Blue Jays minis.

Rays Totals:
Base: 100
Parallels: 3
Inserts: 3
Hits: 2 Relics

1 comment:

buckstorecards said...

Sweet. I picked the Rays hoping for some David Price. Anyone who loves a bulldog as much as he does makes my favourites list.