Thursday, October 18, 2012

Group Break: Orioles

Team: Orioles
Buyer: Carlos Salgado

As far as current Orioles, there wasn't a whole lot to write home about.  However, there were a handful of nice Ripkens, which is definitely one of the upsides to this kind of break:

In fact, the card in the upper right corner (which came out of the cardrageous bonus packs) is a Topps Gallery Peter Max Serigraph, two of which have sold on eBay recently for $10.  That makes me feel better about the O's not getting a hit, but there may be something that sneaks its way into the package as a bonus.

Orioles Totals:
Base: 90
Parallel: 2
Insert: 7
Hits: Nope...but that's a sweet Ripken.

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