Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Sweet Spot Tin #3

Tin #1
Tin #2

It's time for the third tin in the Sweet Spot box.  The first two were a little underwhelming, so hopefully these last two will be better.  At least I know the last two will be the helmet autos.

AJ Green has been tearing it up this year.

I'm always happy to add a Hokie to my collection.  Tyrod is currently the backup for Joe Flacco.

Similar to the Todd McShay Scouting Report cards, they also have Chris Mortensen Retro Report cards that are pretty cool.

Kerley is the #3 receiver for the Jets.  He's undersized, but is actually a pretty solid receiver. He currently has 185 yards and 2 TDs this year.  The helmets are pretty cool, and his signature, especially in silver, looks pretty sweet on it.  I have a soft spot for TCU/Boise State guys because I always felt those two teams were underappreciated and underrated the last few years. I also think TCU and Boise State got screwed out of playing for a title in 2010 and 2006 respectively.  I think those two teams were capable of competing with anyone. 

I'm not feeling so bad about this box now, so that's good.

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