Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Sweet Spot: Tin #2

Time for the second tin.  Hopefully this one goes better than the first.

The base cards were much better this time, thanks to the Cam Newton.

I was much happier with this insert than last time.  I'll always take a new Hokie.  I love the Scouting Report cards.  I also like that Upper Deck photographers were out in full force at hte Boise State game to get pics with the Nike Pro Combat jerseys.

The auto was considerably better this time...though that isn't saying much.  At least Devlin is on an NFL roster.  He's currently third on the Dolphins depth chart behind Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore.  Of course, that isn't the sturdiest of charts in the league, so he very well could start a game or two this year if Tannehill/Moore are underperforming or injured.

Through half the box, I'm not real happy with what I've gotten so far, but at least I know my remaining two autos are helmet autos.

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