Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kirk Jacobson: Friend or Foe?

Kirk, let's be friends.  I know I may have betrayed you.  After we traded some cards, fate would have it that we would meet each other in Nachos Grande's bracketous field of battle.  I must say, you certainly put up a fight, using your grandmother as an all-too-human shield.  I did not see it coming.  I was blindsided, but not in the adopt-an-athletic-teenager-to-get-rich way.  The only thing I could do was post an epic tale of battle myself.  And so was told the story of the seventh card of Stadium Club.  In a late burst of votes, I came away the victor (and maybe in part due to my shameful plea), blazing to the next round burdened with the guilt of defeating not just a friend, but his grandmother, too.

So Kirk, I say to you, let's be friends.  Let's put the past behind us.  Let us look on brighter things, such as these cards you sent me:

Nothing like a good BJ to solidify a friendship.


Kirk Jacobson said...

Great post. Slightly disturbing at the end, but great post.

Derek Hill said...

I must not have ( and don't really want) many good friends if you solidify all your friendships with a good BJ.

Fuji said...

Hey Kirk... I thought we were friends. Where's my Upton?

Kirk Jacobson said...

Fuji, glad you asked for an Upton and not a BJ. I will send some your way. Upton's that is.