Friday, December 16, 2011

On the Fifth Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave To Me...

5 Colored Rings,

4 Hopping Hoopsters,
3 Boring Bowmans,
2 Chromey Footballs,
And A Value Pack of Topps Chrome.

1996 Collect-a-Card Centennial Olympic Games Collection.  I'm really loving these cards.  I'm very likely going back to grab the rest of them, especially at a quarter apiece. I may even have to grab a box, which can be found for around $10-$15.

I got one of the special shiny Olympic Poster inserts, which is soaked in '90s insertness:

Of course, the real draw of these is the "Fun Caps" AKA POGS!!!

Anybody need the 1964 Tokyo? I totally want to complete the set of 20.  How awesome would this set look in a binder with a pog page?  These things are Dufex-ed to the max.


AdamE said...

If you end up buying a box need some of the boxers out of the set.

Ryan G said...

I might have extras of these (it'll be a tough chance, but I will try to check). Meanwhile, I need a few base, POG, and poster cards for my set. Perhaps we can work out a trade (if I can find them and you have cards I need...)