Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go Hokies!!!

Tomorrow is that saddest day of the year.  That's the day that Hokie football is done for another season.  Fortunately, that means today is VT's bowl game. 

For those of you not in the know, VT plays Michigan in the Sugar Bowl.  To learn more about Michigan, I googled Wolverines. 

According to wikipedia, they have potent anal scent glands and prey on coyote and wolf pups. 

Hopefully Dennis doesn't find this coyote pup too intimidating, as he may have to prey on it.
Well, I think that's about all I need to know.

Michigan fans apparently feel the need to make their quarterback relevant by comparing him to Vick.  Don't get me wrong, Denard is an excellent runner; he is faster than Vick.  That is where it ends.  Vick did everything else associated with football far better than Denard Robinson.  Vick would often throw the ball to his receivers.  Denard often throws the ball, and occasionally his receivers pulled off miracles to beat the defensive backs that Denard was throwing to.   

It will be interesting to see how Denard handles being the second-fastest player on the field tonight.  Michigan will have their hands full with David Wilson. If our offense line shows up at all (unlike against Clemson this year) Wilson should have a good day. 

The X-factor in this game, though, is Logan Thomas.  It will be interesting to see how he bounces back from the Clemson loss and how much he has learned in the past month.  He is a great QB, especially for a sophomore, and his size (6'6" 254), could cause problems for Michigan.

Anyway, I've been away from the blog for a while now, and away from e-mail as well.  I took some time off between Christmas and New Year's to relax.  While taking that time off, I also dove into a long-overdue house project.

My wife an I took a couple of days and turned this room:

into this:

It was great to finally get all of my VT stuff out of the boxes and onto the walls.  Some other views:

Hopefully I'll get the chance this year to go through and highlight each piece of the VT room as there are a lot of great items. 

I had to get this room done in time for the Sugar Bowl.



Eric L said...

The room looks fantastic!

Josh D. said...

Sweet Room!!!! But where will your wife sleep now?

Daniel Wilson said...

The room looks awesome! Great job!

Kevin said...

I like the bed risers, very dorm room.