Friday, September 21, 2018

Gint-A-Cuffs X - Packs 17-24

Alright, this is it, the last hurrah.  We have one hit left.  My point total stands at 93.5.

Pack 17
Montgomery, Yankee
Harper, Nationals, FP (+1+4)
Contreras A&G Back Mini
World’s Greatest Beaches
Pack Score: 8
Box Score: 101.5
Pace: 132.176470588235

😀 Bryciepoo!

Pack 18
Riley Mini, -1
Ripken Fantasy Goldmine
Pack Score: 1
Box Score: 102.5
Pace: 127.666666666667

😦 Riley strikes again.  After Jackie Robinson, Ripken may have the best modern cards.

Pack 19
Indigenous Heroes
Baseball Equipment of the Ages
Pack Score: 4
Box Score: 106.5
Pace: 127.421052631579


Pack 20
Larkin, FP list
Betts Framed Mini Relic
Carew World Talent
Pack Score: 10
Box Score: 116.5
Pace: 134.4

😁 Good, my last hit had a frame.  A&G frames are the best. I also love when folks pick the old school players for their favorite.

Pack 21
Magnificent Moons
Pack Score: 2
Box Score: 118.5
Pace: 131.571428571429

🌚 That's no moon. Ok, so it's a moon.  The Moon. And it's magnificent. but not that magnificent of a card. It's a not-so-magnificent Magnificent Moon Moon.

Pack 22
Torres, Yankee
Bruce Homerun Challenge
Moustakas A&G Back Mini
Gehrig Fantasy Goldmine, Yankee (+2-1)
Pack Score: 3
Box Score: 121.5
Pace: 130.090909090909

😐 Damn yankees.

Pack 23
Folio of Fears
World’s Greatest Beaches
Pack Score: 5
Box Score: 126.5
Pace: 130.826086956522

😏 Ok, ok, ok.

Pack 24
Sanchez World Talent, Yankee (+2-1)
Pack Score: 1
Box Score: 127.5
Pace: 127.5


Welp, that ended with a thud. Or a turd.  Or a Yankee.  Potato Puhtahtoe.

The hot box bonus may be the only thing that saves me, but I'm not too hopeful.  Probably just enough to get me in the Top 5 but not the Top 1.

Anyway, final score:


Thanks for following along. Extra special thanks to the Commissioner!


Bubba said...

You holding onto the hot-box foils??? I'm building the set. Hit me up if you wanna trade!

Community Gum said...

Oh man, I was a lot closer to you than I thought I would have been. If you're willing to part with the Contreras mini, I could use it. I also don't want to encroach on Matt's territory, but I could use a small handful of the hot box foils as well (Maddux, Thomas, Arrieta, Fowler).