Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Gint-A-Cuffs X - Packs 1-8

His Excellency, The Commissioner, hath mandated that a hot box shall be worth 20 bonus points. Therefore, I start this tally with +7 for the Boxloader and +20 for getting a hot box.

Pack 1
World’s Hottest Peppers Mini
Magnificent Moons
Pack Score: 5
Box Score: 32
Pace: 147

😃 5 points is a decent pack score.  The hottest peppers minis are pretty cool.

Pack 2
Strasburg, Nationals, FT
Bullpen Car, +1
Bryant Mini, FP List
Jackson Fantasy Goldmine, Yankee (+2-1)
Pack Score: 6
Box Score: 38
Pace: 159

😁 A Nat, a sweet bullpen car bonus, a Favorite Player List mini, and an insert.  Perfect non-hit pack if not for the damn Yankee.

Pack 3
World’s Greatest Beaches
Pack Score: 2
Box Score: 40
Pace: 131

😕 One insert...meh.

Pack 4
Ozuna Black Border Mini
Choo World Talent
Pack Score: 6
Box Score: 46
Pace: 141

😐 I know 6 is a good pack score, but it could have been better.

Pack 5
Evans, -1
Odor A&G Back Mini
Baseball Equipment of the Ages
Pack Score: 3
Box Score: 49
Pace: 132.6

😐 The Evans anti-bonus is a bummer, but the Baseball Equipment of the Ages is a great insert set.

Pack 6
Chapman, Yankee
Jeter, Yankee
Smoltz Fantasy Goldmine
Pack Score: 0
Box Score: 49
Pace: 115

😒 Seriously, one insert completely counteracted by a pair of Yanks

Pack 7
Murphy, Nationals
Zimmerman, Nationals
Rendon, Nationals
Indigenous Heroes Mini
Magnificent Moons
Pack Score: 7
Box Score: 56
Pace: 126.428571428571

😁 Triple Fave Team Points!

Pack 8
Riley, -1
Schoop Full-Size Relic
Perez World Talent
Pack Score: 6
Box Score: 62
Pace: 132

😐 Not good to have a neutral reaction to your first hit. The Riley didn't help.

So, after the first 1/3 of the box, I'm on a 132-point pace.  That's not bad, and the hot box bonus certainly makes things interesting.  Still a lot of cards to go.


Community Gum said...

That hot box is going to be tough to beat! Should make for good trade bait, too

Greg Zakwin said...

Spaaaaankee! When you're all done with your Ginter breaking, shoot me an e-mail. I'm sure I can find some stuff to send your way for those extra base and inserts.