Monday, May 30, 2016

Matt's Majestic Mound of Magnificent Mail

Well, certainly had to make sure I spelled "mail" correctly.

The cards came from Matt of Bubba's Bangin' Batch of Baseball Bits...

...a long, long time ago. Like, at least 6 months ago.

Black Allen & Ginter is so so sexy.  I'm now just one Zim shy of 250.

I'm also now one shy of 250 BJs, thanks to these cards:

Matt is so awesome, you might even say that amber is the color of his energy, since I now have 311 David Wrights:

You didn't think he sent me an unripped rippy did you?  Since I've pulled a handful of rip cards, ripped them and sold them, I was glad to get a ripped rip for my collection.

Matt loaded me up with Black A&G which is awesome.  I'm closing in on 100 Cuddyers.  Now that he's retired, that number probably won't be growing too much.

The blue bowman Justin is some kind of reprint refractor thingy, you know, because Bowman isn't confusing enough.

Mini no number of J-UP.  Fantastic Gintery goodness in this package.

Last but not least, a gold Scotty.  I have 173 unique Scott Sizemore cards I've had a long dry spell of acquiring his cards now that I'm closing in on all of the non-1/1 cards.

Thanks Matt!

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Bubba said...

Anytime sir! Glad you enjoyed the "Gintery Goodness". I also loved your title. :D