Friday, May 27, 2016

In with the old and in with the new

I recently made two purchases that completed my Topps #3 Collection...until 2017 anyway.

I picked up 2016 Topps #3, Richie Shaffer:

Seeing the RC logo made me wonder how many of the #3 cards are rookies.  Then I started wondering about other stats within the cards: how many HRs hit by all the players, how many total players can be seen, etc.  I could probably milk a bunch of posts from that collection, you know, if I still blogged regularly.

Shaffer has hit 4 total HR in the pros so far.  Only one player is featured on the card.  It's a rookie card.  See, fun stuff.

Now I get to show the last card I got for my collection.  It was the one I just hadn't sprung for until recently when I found a decent price on eBay.  Naturally, a 1952 was the last card I needed:

129 HR, one player on the card, not a rookie.  But what a fantastic card.  Interesting fact: Hank died exactly 13 years after the day he played his final game.

Anyone else have ideas on interesting things to look at for all of the #3 cards?

(That question is posed partially to gather ideas and partially to gauge whether anyone actually reads this blog anymore)


Once a Cub said...

If it shows up on my blogroll, I'm most likely reading. I've been trying to be better about commenting because I hate when I write what I think is a decent post and get nothing but crickets, haha.

When my 2014 Topps blog was active, I was tracking all kinds of stuff on those card breakdowns.

For a specific card number, especially with 60+ examples, you could track team depicted, the player's position, birthplace, astrological signs (ha!), lefty vs. righty, poses (head shot, batting, fielding, pitching, running, etc).

Greg Zakwin said...

Always read your stuff amigo!