Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the Seventh Day of Cardmas, My Mistress Gave to Me...

...7 SPx-es,
6 Masterpieces,5 Triple Plays,
4 B-ball Chromes,3 Cheap Primes,
2 Junky Fleers,And A Pack of Overpriced Crap.

I couldn't resist picking these up at the card shop.  I really should have just bought a box, oh well.  It's pretty pricey, but the cards are nice looking.

I like how it feels like the players are running right out of the cards.  Go figure I get a UVA guy.

A few numbered rookies...talented LBs Lavonte David and Vontaze Burfict and undrafted QB Brian Reader.

One of the draws of SPx this year is the use of acetate shadow boxes.  I got three of the insert "Shadow Slots" that go in the bigger cards. Fuji showed these recently.

Odds on hits in SPx are 1:4.5 packs, so I had a decent shot at two hits but ended up with only one.

I'm not a fan of Miami by any stretch, but I am always glad to see their guys in the pros...that means VT doesn't have to play against those guys anymore.

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