Monday, December 24, 2012

A pair of trades = early Christmas presents

I guess the first isn't technically a trade, but Josh of Royals and Randoms sent me some cards in response to the Group Break cards I sent him. 

All of these are great, but I especially dig the Justin Upton die cut. Thanks, Josh!

The second trade of this post was my second trade with the world-famous Fuji.  He showed some tennis cards he picked up from an Ace Tennis Straight Sets blaster.  You may remember that I busted 2 cases of those blasters.  Fuji wasn't excited with the relic he pulled, so I made him an offer on it.  (now that I thin about it, I never posted all of the relics I pulled, oops.) I sent him an neon green Ai Sugiyama relic in exchange for a cool black David Nalbandian relic.

The Pat White card was one I found on his trade bait for my mentor at work.  I've been giving him WVU cards for a couple years now. It's a good deal, because I want nothing to do with WVU cards...except for the Noel Devine card from 2011 Sweet Spot.  It's the only card I need for my set.

I'm not sure how I didn't already have this next card.  I'm always ecstatic to add Ginter relics to my collection.

My favorite card in the trade is another one I saw on his trade bait list.  I must have missed it last time I traded with him.

Freeman was one of the more successful NFL Hokies.  I already have a Freeman auto, so It was cool to add a relic to the mix. Thanks, Fuji!

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!


Fuji said...

Thanks for another great trade... and Merry Christmas!

Kevin said...

That Freeman is double painful for me. He is a Hokie and he was responsible for one of the more painful Vikings losses I can remember.