Sunday, December 9, 2012

Birthday Box: 2008 UD A Piece of History, Part 2

You've seen the base cards and parallels, so now it's time for the inserts.

Of course, 2008 was the year of the Yankee Stdium Legacy.  It's cool to pull the All-Star Game card.  It's not cool to pull it twice.

All of the insert sets have several different color parallels which are sometimes cool and sometime obnoxious.

My least favorite inserts are the Franchise History.  They're the most Panini-like in design as they are definitely designed for relics and autos:

Base level #/699
Copper #/99
The next insert is Timeless Moments, which are slightly better.

Base level #/699
Blue #/75
While the Copper Braun isn't that exciting, the blue Jeter looks great.

The remaining inserts all feature multiple players on each card. First, the Cut From the Same Cloth cards feature two players:

Base level #/799

Red #/99
The design on these is a little better as the spots for the swatches aren't as in-your-face.  The Zimmerman is a great card for my collection.

The next two inserts are Franchise Members cards and come in 3-player and 4-player versions:

A nice new Verlander for my collection.

That does it for the inserts.  Everything except for the Verlander and Zimmerman are for trade.

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Roy-Z said...

They're so blatantly meant for relics that it's incredibly obnoxious. So much wasted space.