Monday, December 10, 2012

Birthday Box: 2008 UD A Piece of History, Part 3

Everyones interested in the hits.  Each box guarantees 2 player memorabilia cards, 1 Hollywood memorabilia card, and 1 auto.  To this point I have opened 4 boxes.  I have gotten 5, 6, 5, and 5 hits. In each box, I hit something other than just a regular jersey card as a bonus hit.  Two of the 5-hit boxes had a dual-jersey bonus while the third had a triple-jersey bonus hit.  The 6-hit box was the epic box in which I hit the DiMaggio YSL relic and Tulo auto-relic.

Let's see how many hits we get this time...

First, the auto, which wasn't very exciting:

Next, I got my 2 guaranteed player relics:

First, a Santana with a hint of pinstripe.  Picture says Twins, jersey says Twins, logo says Mets.  Oh well.

Nothing wrong with relics of surefire HOFers.

Finally my Hollywood relic:

How bad ass is that.  A piece of shirt from Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men.  YOU CAN"T HANDLE THIS CARD!

Well that does it for...wait...could it be? A bonus hit? Why yes, of course it is.  I swear all of these boxes have more than the guaranteed number of hits.  Either that or some poor kid keeps getting the 3-hit boxes I've screwed him into. Who cares, though? I got a bonus hit!...and it's a very nice one:

Speaking of surefire HOFers.  Sick patch from the Mets logo.  In case you are wondering where on the patch it is from:

This card is reserved for BA Benny for now, but the other cards are available for trade.


Dennis said...

Wow, nice Pedro patch!

arpsmith said...

That is a sweet Pedro patch! very nice

Joe Average Card Collector said...

Koshansky is the man! I watched him for a season in Colorado Springs, and was at his game of his first major league HR. Some times what sucks to another is a treasure to others.

Greg Zakwin said...

sick patch! congrats on another hot box!

condolences to that poor kid once again.