Monday, December 24, 2012

Ebay and Topps Giveaway pickups = early Christmas presents

I finally took shipping of my die cut Verlander from Topps.  The card came pretty quickly.  I also took shipping of my Nick Foles die cut on the football site, but haven't seen that one yet.

Additionally, I picked up a couple of cheap cards on ebay.  After buying some boxes of 2011 Sweet Spot football (some of which I still need to post), I was interested to see what other years of Sweet Spot had Hokies.  The only one I could find was Ernest Wilford, as standout receiver who was there when I was.  I even sat next to him on the bus a couple of times. He was a large and very intimidating man.

I also picked up a Finest Refractor RC Auto because it's a nice on-card auto.  I got these for $2 each. 

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