Saturday, December 8, 2012

2011 Sweet Spot Football Box 1 of 5

After picking up a box of Sweet Spot not too long ago, I was excited to see it on Black Friday sale at DACardWorld.  I ended up grabbing five boxes on the cheap. Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Williams both have base autos, helmet autos, and helmet variation autos, so I was hoping to land something for my VT collection. 

As for other players, Cam Newton is the top name, though his value has dropped considerably since last year.  There are a ton of other big names, though, such as DeMarco Murray, Von Miller, Andy Dalton, AJ Green, MArk Ingram and Julio Jones, as well as star who are on the rise like Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, and JJ Watt.

Each box has 4 packs (tins) and each tin has 8 cards, including 1 scouting report insert and 1 auto.  Every other tin's auto is a helmet auto.

The base checklist consists of 101 cards (Terrelle Pryor being #101).  The best thing about the base autographs is that all 101 cards have auto versions.  I fell 1 card short of a complete base set, not get #36 Noel Devine.  I've put my needs on my Want List.

Let's dive in.

Tin 1:
24 Bruce Carter
83 Derrick Locke
30 Greg Little
9 Da'Quan Bowers
87 Justin Houston
MR-25 Chris Mortensen Chris Mortensen Retro Report

RS-RS Ricky Stanzi Helmet Autograph Variation #164/299

>>> First pack, first helmet, first variation.  The regular Stanzi helmet auto has the Black Iowa helmet with yellow bird and is numbered to 599.  Many people don't care for these autos, but I think they're pretty sweet.  It's a nice change from regular sticker autos and regular on-card autos.  The Mortensen Scouting Report cards feature players from the past, whereas the Todd McShay ones feature players from the set.  It's weird that they did a Chris Mortensen card scouting himself.

Tin 2:
21 Kendall Hunter
56 Marvin Austin
34 Greg Jones
99 Marcell Dareus
75 Jamie Harper
62 Adrian Clayborn
TM-25 Todd McShay Todd McShay Scouting Report

51 Mike Pouncey Autograph

>>> Aparently they did a McShay scouting McShay as well.  I wasn't aware he went to University of Richmond.

Tin 3:
60 Andy Dalton
53 Nathan Enderle
29 Ronald Johnson
1 Tyron Smith
78 Ricky Stanzi
MR-22 Steve Young Chris Mortensen Retro Report

RS-DH Dwayne Harris Helmet Autograph Variation #140/299

>>> Apparently this is the yellow helmet variation box.

Tin 4:
68 DeAndre McDaniel
37 Armon Binns
48 Lance Kendricks
19 Nate Solder
54 Leonard Hankerson
86 Mikel Leshoure
TM-4 Mikel Leshoure Todd McShay Scouting Report

66 Jeremy Beal Autograph
>>> Well, the first box wasn't a home run, but I still enjoyed it. One down, four to go.

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That Dwayne Harris is b-e-a-utiful.