Friday, February 22, 2013

Awesome package from Dennis, as always.

I always look forward to getting bubble mailers from Dennis of Too Many Vergranninghamdalandersons

The first chunk of cards were some set needs from 2012 Topps Football:

My favorite of the bunch was this one:

That's a great picture for a horizontal card.  I'm sure Colbey would agree.

Dennis also sent me some cards for my player collections:

including this awesome card, which is made even more awesomer now that both Uptons are in ATL:

Of course, Dennis and I most often swap college cards.  He's probably responsible for at least half of my VT collection at this point.

Yes! My first Willie Pile card!

Dennis has a knack for sending me David Clowney autos.  After hitting three parts of my collection, Dennis had one more stop to make, sending me these awesome cards:

The bronze Dalhausser gets me to just needing the Gold parallels of each guy for the rainbow.  The relic cards were a great surprise.  I had been close to getting them on ebay on several occasions, but never won. 

As usual, Dennis, I have a pile slowly growing with Wolverines for you. Thanks!

1 comment:

Dennis said...

"Too Many Vergranninghamdalandersons?" That really lassos my hoosegow, son.

Also, that looks more like something you'd see on a CAPTCHA than a blog name.

Glad you liked the stuff--I especially knew you'd flip over the Olympic relics. Let's do it again soon.