Monday, February 25, 2013

Two shoeboxes of junk... I love it!

My brother recently informed me that his friend had a couple of shoeboxes of cards from his childhood that he was looking to part with.  He said he would give them to me for the low, low cost of free. 

He didn't mention that he would include the crazy cool and impractical baseball shaped card case.  Based on his age, I figured most of the cards would be from the late '80s and early '90s.  I was correct.

I finally gone through all of them, and I've picked out around 100 notable cards to show on here over the next few months.  Of course, "notable" can mean a great many things. I thought about doing a countdown of the 100 best cards, but that would be too much work and wouldn't really capture the essence of the boxes.

Going through these boxes was a ton of fun.  It was great seeing all these cards I remember from my childhood.  My favorite part was that these cards appear well-loved.  I would also like to note that '89 Bowman is an abomination.

While not part of the 100 notable cards, I do have to show my favorite card from the boxes.  I now own around a half-dozen of these:

That'd be the guy who gave me the cards, back when he was terrorizing opposing pitchers. 

Thanks, Paul!


The Lost Collector said...

Those have to be the neatest shoeboxes, ever.

The Lost Collector said... terms of organization, that is.

Nick said...

Very cool. I would LOVE to dig through boxes like those, looks like a lot of fun.

Looking forward to seeing what was inside!


I wish I had a brother ! Maybe he would have a friend !

Funny, I just found one of those white baseball card cases at Good Will a couple weeks ago. But it was empty.

madding said...

We had one of those plastic baseball abominations in my house! Thanks for the flashback. I actually recognized early on that the construction of it would just lead to serious damage of the (still worthless because it's 1989 Topps) cards within, so we threw it out.