Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Fortnight of 2013 Topps: Day 3

Yesterday, I showed off the first card I got.  Now, I want to show the rest of the base cards that interested me. 

I like the Hairston since Wright makes a cameo. 

The Ellsbury is one of the best photos in the set.  You don't see many pictures of the player jogging out of the dugout.

The Darvish is, well, Darvish.  It was either him or Harper, right?

The Morse intrigues me not just because of the Zim (#11) cameo, but because of the location of the photographer.  It makes it feel like some random fan took the picture. 

The Giants card is just a great card because it captures the championship moment.

I managed to get two cards for my player collections:

The Zim is nice, but I would prefer if it was a little less cropped.  The Justin needs to be a lot less cropped.  The Justin also needs a different "A" now.

Lastly, this card tickled my fancy:

...and not just because it's awesome that he chokes up.  It caught my eye because of one the of the numbers on the back:

The card is #3 in the set, so it goes in my Topps 3 collection.  Did you think I was referring to the at-first-funny-but-now-annoying Career Chase line?  Another note: "Trading" deadline just sounds weird to me.  C'mon Topps, it's a "trade" deadline.

See you tomorrow!

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