Monday, February 11, 2013

A Fortnight of 2013 Topps: Day 5

So you may have gotten the feeling yesterday that I'm not the biggest fan of parallels for the sake of parallels.  Well, today isn't going to be any better. 

 A parallel with the color of a store.  These are still stupid.  The worst part is that Toys R Us gets a color.  If you build a complete set of Purple parallels do they give you a purse to carry them around in?  At least red and blue are decent colors.  Sure, the Rockies like purple...but their team color on their cards is purple.  Ruh-roh Raggy.  As for the cards above, the Yankees, Dodgers, and Rays make my brain bleed.  The Rangers card is hilarious because the red doesn't match the team logo...nor does the blue on the card. The Astros cards are mildly uncomfortable, but it's hard to discern whether it's due to the colors or the fact that they are Astros cards.  The Mets logo just looks terrible.

Nats logo needs to be White and the junk on the cards needs to not look orange. 

Here's an idea...I want brown parallels for when UPS delivers cards to me.  It would double as a symbol of Topps shitting out bad parallels. It would certainly add a level of irony to a runs leader card.

It's okay, I'm calming down, now.  Sorry about that.  I was seeing red for a moment.


AdamE said...

I really liked the first year of the Wal Mart parallel when they screwed up and put out whole blasters that were black.

I would like it better if all the cards in a Wal Mart Blaster were blue, all Target Red, all Toys R Us Purple, and all Hobby White. So 4 different sets depending on where you get them from.

night owl said...

I will take the A.J. Ellis red off your hands. Personally, I like them.

Guy Sanchez said...

Holy crap. I didn't realize Toys R Us had special inserts. Not that I'm a fan. But they're basically chasing away any master set completionists with that kind of stuff.

That's crazy.

Who the hell even goes to Toys R Us anymore? Who doesn't have Amazon at this point?

The Baseball Card Snob said...

This is why I don't purchase cards at Wal-Mart or Target. Who needs more lousy inserts, oh wait, I'm sorry. I meant "added value."

unclemoe said...

I know you were being sarcastic but I bet we see a brown parallel within the next two years.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Since it appears Topps is chasing the rainbow, let's fill in the blanks

R : Red - Target
0 : Orange - ???
Y : Yellow - Does the gold count here?
G : Green - ???
B : Blue - Wal-Mart
I : Indigo - ???
V : Violet - Toys R Us