Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mad Lib...still need help.

Does my blog really have so few readers that I can't get 30 one-word comments?  

I promise you guys this will have a semi-funny outcome.  Just leave a comment with a word we still need:

12. Verb (-ed)
13. Terrible baseball player
14. Obscure baseball player
15. Day of the week
16. Recent card product
17. Year
18. Verb (-ed)
19. animal
20. Verb (-ing)
21. Noun
22. Star baseball player
23. Baseball play (ie. hitting a home run)
24. Person associated with baseball
25. Verb (-ing)
26. Body part
27. Adjective
28. Verb (-s)
29. Funny sounding word
30. Size adjective


The Diamond King said...

Baseball play (ie. hitting a home run) - Ground Rule Double.

Robert said...

12. Verb... Chucked

Chris Reed said...

24. Fay Vincent

Ryan H said...

animal - duck-billed platypus

Ryan H said...

obscure baseball player - Jeff Reboulet

night owl said...


Jeff W said...

26 - Spleen

Josh D. said...

13) Terrible Baseball Player = Yuniesky Betancourt

Spankee said...

@Jeff W

Spleen was used for the first instance of body part, so I'd rather have a different part for the second instance.

Brad's Blog said...


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

12. verb (-ed) - Bested

hiflew said...

26. big toenail

Wilson said...

30. microscopic

The Dimwit said...

16. Topps Mini

night owl said...

Star baseball player: Mike Trout. Of course.

Play at the Plate said...

27. (Adj) hideous