Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Fortnight of 2013 Topps: Day 14

Let's recap:

Day 1 - Wrappers are nice.  Prince is fat.

Day 2 - I got a Nova.  Not the car...the Yankee. Longing for woodgrain.

Day 3 - Photographers didn't suck. Zim and JUp are nice. #3. 

Day 4 - Green = a waste of green.

Day 5 - Reds out me as a Target shopper.

Day 6 - Gold is good.

Day 7 - Chasing History proves that Topps can make great inserts after last year's crap.

Day 8 - Chasing History proves that Topps can make bad inserts out of good inserts.

Day 9 - Their names are in lights but I can't read them.

Day 10 - Good but not great.

Day 11 - Minis for the sake of minis.

Day 12 - When in Chrome...

Day 13 - You're better off buying a Statistics book than playing the Chase.

Day 14 - Hey, that's today.

I saved one scan for the last day because it was the best card I pulled.

For quite some time, I've been bitching about never pulling anything I could trade to Sam.  Astros just don't exist...or so I thought.  I wasn't but a few days removed from complaining when I pull this from one of the jumbo packs:

Sweet! Now if only I could figure out who "Gllwood" is.

Fortnight done.

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Crackin Wax said...

Hey, look! It's the ONE Astro hit in S1!