Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sometimes you just have to bang a fatty...

Especially when they have a backside that looks like this:

Each 2007 Fleer Ultra Fat Pack comes with two gold parallels, numbered to 999 unlike the regular gold Fleer Ultra parallels.  Unfortunately, they were placed on the back of each stack making them visible.  Naturally, when I saw Verlander on the back, I had to bite. 

It's not the most elegant numbering ever, but a nice card I needed, nonetheless.  My other gold was Justin Morneau:

This fatty only really gave me two other things that interested me, and one of those was a BJ:

The other was a very odd picture.  Most folks who are very tall end up with really zoomed out pictures or legless pictures.  Arroyo felt otherwise:

Dude must be crazy good at Yoga. It's like he's sitting on the bottom of the card.

Well, that was pretty enjoyable.  When you have a mistress addiction, you just have to tear up a fatty every now and then.  At least this one was cheap.

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Guy Sanchez said...

Dirtiest Post of the Year front runner for sure. Still, I've taken a few of those fatties home in my day too.