Monday, February 4, 2013

Group Break cards from the Daily Dimwit

Sam recently dabbled in football cards, and included in his dabbling was hosting a group break. 
The group consisted of a box of 2011 Crown Royale and a box of 2011 Elite.

After hemming and hawing, I finally decided to pick up a few teams.  I picked up the Ravens hoping for some Tyrod Taylor RCs, the Cardinals hoping for some Ryan Williams RCs, and the Broncos hoping for some Von Miller RCs to flip.  My randomly assigned teams were the Saints, Seahawks and Chragers.  I was able to trade the Saints for Eagles in hopes of picking up some Vicks.  Let's see how I did, starting with the Elite base cards:

Well, at least one goal panned out...I got a new Michael Vick for my collection. 

As for Elite inserts, I did decent:

All three are numbered to 999.  I was happy I pulled a numbered Vick, since I didn't get any hits.

Lastly, my take from the Crown Royale box:

While I didn't get any other PC cards, the Flacco is numbered to just 100, so that was a nice surprise.

Thanks for the break, Sam!

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