Thursday, January 26, 2012


VinTage time!

While on COMC recently picking up cards for a bet settlement with Dennis of Too Many , I came across some Hokies that I desperately wanted to add to my collection.  So, I picked up the 5 cards I wanted most for pretty darn cheap.  The best thing: the newest one is 1986. Here they are, in order of newest to oldest.

1986 Topps #389 Bruce Smith RC
This was a must-have for a VT collector.  THE RC of THE legendary Hokie. 

1976 Topps #299 Don Strock RC
I love the picture on this. Strock, desptie being an excellent passer, is best known for being the coach at Florida International when they brawled with the University of Miami and had 16 players suspended. 

We haven't gone back too far yet, as the college is still "Virginia Tech"

1962 Topps #82 Carroll Dale RC
That's more like it: "VPI".  Dale is a member of the Packers HOF, and was on the winning teams of Super Bowls I and II. 

1960 Topps #6 George Preas RC
Preas was drafted in 1955 by the Colts' with the 51st pick.  In that same draft, the Steelers used the 102nd pick to take Johnny Unitas. Unitas was cut by the Steelers and later signed by the Colts.  Preas spent several years blocking for Unitas.

1959 Topps #78 Buzz Nutter RC
With one of the great names in VT history, Buzz is right up there with George George.  What's even better, is that his full name is Madison Monroe "Buzz" Nutter.  Nutter was a center for the Colts, and helped block for Unitas along with Preas. 

My VT collection lacked a certain depth of history until now.  I feel like I have now done right by the Hokies by bringing in some VinTage.   I'm currently working on a list of Hokies with cards, and with a plan to collect one card of every Hokie, and especially one RC of every Hokie that has one. 

Now that we are at the bottom of the page, go back and check out the card designs.  The '59 is just wild, and almost seems like the big brother of 1971-72 Topps Basketball.  The '60 design is very clean, and seems to be the big brother of the '76 design on the Strock RC.  I'm a fan of the football shape for the name plate.  The '86 design is just crazy, with its football field background and hint of '88 Topps Baseball.  I intentionally skipped over the '62 design to save it for last.  It is an incredibly awesome design.  Any brief thoughts of trying to collect that set get squashed immediately by these select few cards:

#17 Mike Ditka RC
#90 Fran Tarkenton RC
#1 Johnny Unitas
#28 Jim Brown
#36 Ernie Davis RC
#63 Bart Starr

You could get those six on COMC for a little over $700...not exactly in my price range.  Or, you could just grab a complete set for $850 on eBay.

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Hackenbush said...

For a while I was looking for that Buzz Nutter card, then I forgot his name. I love it.