Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For a Wahoo, he sure has a lot of cool Hokie stuff.

I'm talking about Kevin of The Mojo Kevin Beard Kevin blog.  I love that they still have the banner up saying "three cardboard heads are better than one", especially since it's just Kevin these days.  I know UVAers have big heads, but it's still just a single head.

Anyway, I sent him a Tebow full of Tebows, with a side order of Tebow.  Actually it was a package with a Hrbek jersey card, a Chester Taylor jersey card, and a single cool blue Tebow.  But really, Tebow is all that matters these days.  He automatically usurps the presence of other cards, thus creating a Tebow of Tebows with a side order of Tebows.  TEBOW.

Kevin sent me some Kevins.  Don't worry, I'm not going on another Tebow-style fill-in-every-word-with-"Kevin" deal like above.  He actually sent me two Kevin Jones cards.  First, a 2004 Fleer Tradition RC Crystal #39/75:

Apparently Fleer believes that Crystal=foil.  He also sent me the base version of the card, but not just any base version, the PSA 10 Gem Mt version:

Don't worry Kevin, this PSA 10 isn't strange to me.  Possibly the coolest thing in the package, though, was this:

I have no idea why he had a 1995 VT schedule, but he did, and I'm glad.  The 1995 season was a very important one in VT history.  Here are the results:

vs. BC - L 14-20
vs. Cincy - L 0-16

At this point, somebody lit a fire under the squad and they decided to go nuts:

vs. #17 Miami - W 13-7
at Pittsburgh - W 26-16
at Navy - W 14-0
vs. Akron - W 77-27
at Rutgers - W 45-17
at West Virginia - W 27-0
vs. #20 Syracuse - W 31-7
vs. Temple (at RFK) - W 38-16
at #13 UVA - W 36-29

Sugar Bowl
vs. #9 Texas - W 28-10

The 1995 season is important in VT history because it was the point the VT arrived.  Many people are familiar with the 1999 season when Vick led them to the Nat'l Championship game, but don't realize that the beginning of the run was the 1995 season.  VT had started to get noticed in '93 and '94, but it was the big win against Texas in the Sugar Bowl that sparked the program. 

I should also note that the picture on the front of the schedule is pretty awesome with Bryan Still about to make the catch.

Thanks, Kevin!

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