Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reviewing the Results: You could name them...er...most of them.

The results are in for the Sporcle quiz of 2011 Topps releases. 

As of 9:00 AM on 1/10/2012, the quiz results are:

In total, the quiz was taken 45 times, including a few times by myself.  The 2 perfect scores were both mine.  One was from testing when I first made the quiz and one was from this morning.  I'm assuming anything below 7-9 was from people who gave up early or stumbled upon the quiz without my direction.

As far as the comments I received, Ryan G. did the best with 21/22, or 95%.  He missed Topps Attax, as did many people, which somewhat surprised me.  The worst performers got 7 wrong, or 15/22=68%.  First was Josh D., who "wouldn't say he 'missed' them, Bob", and was bailed out by his wife yelling "Allen and Ginter".  Next was Nachos Grande, which somewhat surprised me since he is a fairly prolific card opener.  I'm willing to bet he didn't miss Allen and Ginter, though.  Last was Eric L., who had flashbacks to high school after receiving a 68%. 

As far as the individual products go, here is the breakdown:

No surprise as Flagship was king.  I'm not sure how someone missed it, since you only have to type "Topps" to get it.  Oh well.  Chrome at #2 was no surprise, either.  Bowman coming in at 3 was a little surprise, just because I would have expected some people to forget that Bowman is a Topps product.  The rest of the left column was filled out with products that were the most popular this year.  I thought more people would get Opening Day.  What follows is a sad commentary on Topps high end products.  Tier 1 and Tribute barely capped the 50% threshold, while Marquee and Sterling fell below.  I have no trouble understanding Pro Debut being low, as minor league cards aren't a large market.  The two big shockers for me, though, were Stickers and Finest.  There were a number of posts and breaks of Finest, and the stickers rocked the collecting world.  I guess stickers aren't technically cards, but close enough, man.  In my opinion, Finest could go away.  The name itself carries the weight of expectations, and it falls sadly short.  Finest, now, is really just Chrome with cropped out backgrounds.  The least-guessed product was Heritage Minors, which seemingly came and went in less than a week.  Don't get me wrong, I though it was a very good product.  I think people are just a little too prospected-out by Bowman to have a minor league set any more expensive than Pro Debut. 

Thanks for participating, everyone.  Something like this would be good for Topps to see what sets are memorable, and what sets fall short.   


FanOfReds said...

I couldn't remember Heritage minors official name to save me...I'm pretty sure I forgot Topps Lineage too and I held a group break for that! I guess my memory is simply lousy!

night owl said...

I forgot Pro Debut and Heritage Minors -- both almost pointless sets. I was proud of myself that I got just about all the high-end cards, even though I never see them. But, yeah, I forgot Finest, too.