Friday, January 13, 2012

2009 Press Pass Football Blaster Break

In trying to extend the college football season just a little but longer, I purchased a discounted blaster of 2009 Press Pass football.  I've said it before, but it's really a shame that the NCAA gave UD an exclusive license.  Press Pass football has been a great set for several years, and featured some of the best on-card autos. The latest Press Pass football pretty much sucked.

The card design on these is excellent, and I love the college logos.  The photography isn't half bad either...just check out that sweet Chase Coffman. My detective work tells me that Coffman played at Missouri from 2005-2008.  Narrowing that down to teams that wear red pants with white hips, white jerseys with red stripes, and white helmets, I came up with the Illinois St. Redbirds.  Sure enough, when I wen to the Missouri football site and searched that game's photo album, I came up with the same picture.  #21 Jason Tate, had 4 tackles in the game, none of which were featured on this card. Further investigation reveals that Coffman has a knack for hurdling defenders.

I've always though college football lended itself well to card backs.  The players usually only have 2-4 years of stats, so they don't overfill the space. 

More base cards:

One subset (of the 105-card base set) is All-Americans:

I like the decision to go all-horizontal for these.  Next on the subset list is the Trophy Club:

And Coffman makes a second appearance. There are a couple of other subsets that I didn't get any cards of.  The last subset is the Power Picks short print cards (101-105)

These cards a pretty shiny in person.  There is a Banner Seasons insert set, as well:

These are shiny, too, but aren't my favorite design.  Each pack has a retail blue parallel:

I pulled one blue parallel for my officemate who went to WVU:

It doesn't get much better than that for blue parallels.  Of course, any Hokie would be better, even if blue and maroon look horrendous together.

A nice blue Macho for the collection.

I didn't hit any autos or relics, but I did get a nice reflector parallel:

That dude was nasty in college.  He hasn't reached his full potential in the pros, yet, but he has incredible upside.

I wish I could remember where I picked up this blaster, because I want to buy the other ones they had, now.

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