Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 5 Days to go

Oooohh, can you feel it...it's almost that day!

Makes me think of all my football heroes...Vick...the other Vick...that's all.  Speaking of heroes:

+1 for Wes Welker.  He's due for a big game.  I believe Colin Cowherd predicted 11 catches...
Too bad somebody dropped a Chris Long and Matt Ryan turd in these packs.

Awesome...I'm totally going to collect the Joe Satriani and Jimi Hendrix rainbows.  Wait...you didn't put Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani in the GUITAR HEROES set?!?!?! What the F***?!?!?! When you are making a list of Guitar Heroes, you simply write Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani, then, and only then, do you maybe add a couple more.  Until Jimi and Satch are on the list, you simply have a list of Guitar Guys that Play Guitar, not Guitar Heroes. What a joke. 

ahhh...saved by the beauty of these cards.
I guess I can't complain about the packs since I did get a hit...

...even if it is Brodie Croyle.  I still don't understand how this guy was a third round pick. 

With the Welker point, the score is now:

Patriots 10
Giants 6

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