Friday, November 4, 2011

Thorzul sent me the coolest basketball cards I own...

Way back in July, Thorzul assigned a summer art project to fellow bloggers in order to find a binder cover for his 1971-72 Topps Basketball set.  Despite stiff competition, my design came out on top.  My design:

My plan was to draw inspiration from the cards themselves and create something simple.  I tried my best to emulate the card font with the drop shadow and red-black name.  I also wanted to go with the theme of a solid color background.  I was really happy with what I came up with since it was clean and simple, but was easily identifiable with the set.  Apparently Throzul and wife agreed, as I took home the grand prize.  Thorzul was collecting this set by buying lots, so he set aside his dupes to form the prize.  The other day, the cards showed up in the mail:

Bill Melchionni's nephew Lee Melchionni has ties to VT.  He played at Duke, but got his face mashed by a Hokie.  Should Deron have stomped him? No.  Did Melchionni deserve it? Yes.  Deron would later put his balls in Greg Paulus' face twice, which was awesome.  Also awesome: these cards.

Some backs:

Skeeter Swift: great name, terrible chest hair.

Archie Clark is a badass.  I'm also fairly certain he is high as a mofo in that picture.

Could someone please tell Pete that he has his jersey on backwards? Topps certainly did a great job of making Walt Wesley look tall.  Dude is ducking down just to fit on the card. 

Thanks, Thorzul!

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night owl said...

Such a great-looking set. Unfortunately I know next to no one in it.