Thursday, January 26, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 10 Days to go

Well, since I did college about some more college!

This time we're going with a full blaster of 2009 Sage Hit High Series

The great part is that I'm guaranteed two autos.

No points, but a consolation point for the Packers since BJ Raji is doing the squatting discount double check.
One weird thing I noticed while scanning these, is that the Sanchez card has a different logo on the back than all of the other cards in the set:

His card has the Collegiate Blah Blah logo while the rest have the Sage logo.  Strange.  Anyway,

Have I mentioned lately how ugly 2009 Sage Hit is?
That said, I'm close to a set, I may have to put a want list together.
Like Score, Sage Hit does glossy parallels, which are shiny ugly.

I also picked up one WVU card for my officemate:

But, you didn't come here to see the base cards, you came here for the big slamma jamma mojo hitz.

My two autos:

Nothing special, but the Mendenhall cracks me up.  Allow me to zoom in for you:

There's nothing quite like that moment when you realize you are running the wrong way.

Ok, who can beat my caption?

btw, the score is still Patriots 6, Giants 2.


Greg Zakwin said...

"Oh shit, a lineman's chasing me down!"

Kevin said...

OH MY GOD i think I left my dog at the Vick's house!

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