Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The biggest bubble mailer I've ever gotten.

Steve, aka NY Hitman 23 of Sports 'n More Trading Cards recently contacted with some Hokies for trade.  He said he had a cool Jim Druckenmiller Auto, an Ed Wang Auto, and a graded Kevin Jones RC.  He later emailed me and said he found a few items from my want list to include.  The package arrived yesterday, and it was in the biggest bubble mailer I have ever seen:

That's it next to a standard size deck of Harry Potter Uno cards, and a box of Mike and Ike Jolly Joes.  The package was thick as heck, too.  I opened it only to reveal what looked like an entire roll of bubble wrap.  I unwound the bubble wrap, and guess what it revealed...

That's right, a nested bubble mailer.  Confused? Don't be.  There was something else in the bubble wrap.  The Jim Druckenmiller Auto he sent is a 1997 Leaf Signature 8x10, justifying the gigantic bubble mailer.

AWESOME!  Inside the inner bubble mailer was a collection of cards, including the Wang Auto he promised:

I already had this card, but once you go Wang, it becomes yo I right...anyone?  He also sent a graded Kevin Jones RC, something else that I have acquired recently. This one, though, is his 2004 Topps Chrome RC, and is graded 9 by Beckett.  It will go nicely with the other graded RC I linked to above.

If the Strasburg Superfractor is a 9 for centering, this should easily be 9.5.  Oh well. 

Now we get to the "few" items he found from my want lists.  Some cards to fill holes in my 2008 UD Heroes set, very nice:

 A couple of 2008 Masterpieces short prints, which are always greatly appreciated:

Even better, the last two cards I needed for my 2007 Masterpieces set:

That was more than enough cards from my want lists to make me happy, but being the sneaky guy he is, Steve didn't stop there. 

Ok, I think that takes us past "a few items from your want list".

Yeah, we're definitely past that point now.

Ok, Steve, you win.  Well played, sir.  I already had the Wright, courtesy of BA Benny in my first ever trade. The only thing is, my orginial version has neither a pinstripe nor dirt stain.  Again, let me say AWESOME!  Speaking of BA Benny, whatever happend to him.  I have piles of Mets that have been backing up for a while now. 

Anyway, Steve, you totally scored a win in my book.  Thanks!  A package for you will be going out very soon.  I even reused the inner bubble mailer for it.  Hopefully you will not be dissappointed. 

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NY Hitman 23 said...

I'm glad you like the cards and I'm glad I finally got to use my over-sized bubble mailer!

I've wondered if that was actually a dirt spot on the Wright jersey. That's the way I got it from a repack box of retail packs though.