Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How does this guy not have a card?

Look, I have no attachment to snowboarding whatsoever.  I've never been snowboarding and I've never watched it for any extended period of time. 

The one thing I do know, though, is this guy is as dominant in his sport as anyone in any sport ever. 

Sure, he's got a couple SI for Kids cards...but those aren't real.  He also has some crazy short printed Olympic card, but that's not real either. 

Topps needs to get him in Allen and Ginter ASAP.


Dennis said...

Why does the bastard son of Carrot Top and Tim Lincecum need his own card? Not that it matters, Topps will make one anyway.

Matt Perry said...
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Matt Perry said...

@Dennis - He seems to be the single most dominating figure in winter sports. I'd say he's as equally worthy of a card as some of the others already confirmed for 2012 A&G.

Stolen from Beckett:
"Among the world’s champions signers? Olympian Michael Phelps, Notre Dame legend Ara Parseghian, Curly Neal and Meadowlark Lemon of Harlem Globetrotters fame, Erin Andrews of ESPN, billiards star Ewa Mataya, broadcaster Greg Gumbel, golf star Colin Montgomerie, 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year Kate Upton, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, women’s basketball star Swin Cash and boxing voice Michael Buffer to name a few."

In terms of sport dominance, he's definitely equal to a Michael Phelps, Colin Montgomerie or Ewa Mataya, probably more so.

(...Joe) said...

If a revolving door gets it's own card, Shaun White should get a card.

If a guy named...Guy, get his own card, Shain White should get a card.