Sunday, January 29, 2012

LCS Trip Part 3 (of 3): Bargain Bin Finds

While digging for Wolverines (and Hokies, of course) I came across two cards that had no business being in the bargain bins. 

First, for all of 10 cents, I picked up this:

2008 Sage Hit Matt Flynn Make Ready Cyan #28/50
This guy's cards have gone up ever since his wicked performance in relief of Aaron Rodgers.  I understand why this was in the bin, but it's a lucky find for me.  I'm thinking trade or eBay.

The second card is just plain crazy for 50 cents:

2004 Press Pass Eli Manning Reflector #140/500
I'm no fan of Eli by any stretch, but I'm not stupid.  I had a feeling this card would be a good pickup, but I had no idea it would have a book value of $30.  There's one on COMC right now for $25 and one on eBay $30.  One sold on eBay a week ago for a little over $10. 


Sell on eBay the week before the Super Bowl, or gamble on a Giants win (with Eli as MVP) and sell the week after the Super Bowl?


piratesfan731 said...

I'd do it the week before, because I don't think he'll have that great of a game.

Kevin said...

The better bet is selling now.

20x is enough of a return to make it an easy decision. Focus on what it is, don't worry too much about what it may be. The old one in the hand over two in the bush.

I would list it so it ends Sunday morning, take full advantage of the hype and fervor of the Giants fans.

SpastikMooss said...

Sell now! But have it end friday or saturday. You don't want to end the day of the super bowl, because occasionally people then won't pay if the guy has a bad game.

Super nice finds though. That's why I love going through dime boxes...ya never know what you might find.

(...Joe) said...

I'd do it now, while you know the hype is there!

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