Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Minute to Win

Sometimes things work out.  Sometimes they work out so well and so fast, that it really doesn't sink in for a while.  Sometimes, that happens on eBay. 

Every now and then, I do a search on eBay for Scott Sizemore to see what's ending soon.  When I did that the other day, the soonest item was a 2010 Topps 206 Framed Mini Auto.  I already have one, but it was unbid at $0.99 plus $2.50 shipping, and only a minute remaining.  I decided that I should check the seller's other items ending soon to see if maybe he had other stuff I could get with combined shipping.  Well, when I saw his listings, I immediately caught a Kevin Jones RC Auto Jersey unbid with 1 minute left.  I bid immediately on that and bid on the Sizemore auto.  I then returned to his listings to find an Eddie Royal Patch card with one $0.99 bid.  I plugged in a reasonable bid with under 10 seconds remaining, confirmed it, and immediately won the auction.  In less than a minute, I won three cards from one seller, 2 for $0.99, and the Royal patch only cost me $1.25.  Total with shipping: $6.73.  I was surprised the Royal patch was so low.  His listings were decent, but the pictures were a little fuzzy, so I think I was the beneficiary of that.  Anyway, here are the cards:

These cards are awesome, so I really don't mind that it is a dupe. 

This is actually my first Jones jersey, even though he has a freaking ton of them out there. 

No way should this card have been that cheap given that, when I bought it, the Broncos were still in the playoffs.  

This was easily one of my most satisfying eBay experiences ever.


Dennis said...

This is a prime ebay example of "you're doing it right."

Greg Zakwin said...

Nice scores! That's some fine eBaying. I love combined shipping deals.

TheHitKing said...

Nice grabs, I wish ebay had a lowest price plus ending soonest filter. I just sold my Sizemore Blue Hope Diamond for 1.50+ 2.00 shipping...worked well for me.

flywheels said...

Nice scores!

Play at the Plate said...

Way to go Spankee!