Friday, January 27, 2012

LCS Trip Part 1 (of 3): More Olympic Cards!

I recently hit up Jersey's, my LCBSTSSC (local comic books store that sells some cards) to pick up some random Wolverine's for Dennis, and ended up picking up a few odds and ends for myself. 

First, I finally cleared out the rest of the Olympic cards, which I've posted about here and here. I purchase 5 the first time, 10 the second time, and 17 this time.  That makes a grand total of 32 packs.  Assuming they had one box, I bought 32 of the 36 packs.  At $0.25 apiece, it was only 8 bucks. 

I finished one complete base set, and have updated my want list with my needs for the second base set.  Unfortunately, of the 17 new Pogs/Fun Caps I got, I only got 4 that I needed:

While checking eBay for these, I came across this crazy auction. I also picked up two more of the Dufex Poster cards:

These cards are so awesome in person.  At 1:9 packs, I think, there should be 4 in a box, so it looks like I got all 4.  They were also in 4 in-a-row with #'s 6-9.  I was extremely thrilled to pull two of the Olympic Torch cards:

They aren't as nice as the posters, but they are twice as rare at around 1:20 packs.  I'm glad I beat the odds, though I'm not sure I'll ever finish the set.  I've updated my want lists for this set.

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dawgbones said...

And here I was thinking of them as my Local Card Shop that sells some comics!! Loving the Eagle mascot card!