Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 A&G in a trade? Ah, it's been a while.

It seems like making trades involving 2011 A&G came to a screeching halt a couple moths ago.  I was working steady toward my set and then it just stopped.  Fortunately I traded recently with Chris of Nachos Grande.  He is the A&G king, so I knew I'd be making progress.  He sent me a load of Hometown Heroes:

Including my favorite:

Having attended Hickory High with Dave and his brothers, I'm very happy to finally get this card.  As far as I'm concerned, this is a very underrated insert set.  In fact, I think all of the one-per-pack inserts in A&G history are underrated (well, maybe except for the This Date in History, which I understood, but wasn't blown away by).  The Dick Perez sketches in the early years were nice.  As a retro set, Topps did well to make some cards feel like "retro precursors".  For example, the Dick Perez sketches are like retro-styled of Diamond King precursors that never existed.  Anyone follow what I'm trying to say?  In 2008 there were the US States cards.  I like that they were nice and thick.  The only downside was that they didn't do all 50 states.  In 2009, the National Pride set was very nice.  2010 was the TDIH year, followed by these Hometown Heroes in 2011.  The Hometown Heroes are like a retro version of Bowman International.

In addition to the HH cards, Nachos also sent cards I had claimed from his Trade Stack series, as well as his Topps Lineage trade bait.

Thanks, Chris, I hope you enjoy the cards I sent!


Matt Perry said...

Hey Spankee,
Are you trying to get the whole set of Homerun Heros? I've got a pile of about 40 sitting on my desk if you'd like them. I didn't see a "want list" of them anywhere, so I didn't know what numbers you were missing.

Let me know, drop me an email. matt at docholoday dot com.

Matt Perry said...

Doh. Just saw the list underneath your other list. My bad. Just one left? I'll check the numbers on mine and see if I have #78.