Monday, January 23, 2012

Football Card Super Bowl Countdown: 13 Days to go

...and we're down to just the Patriots and Giants, as I predicted.  The cards, however, predicted the opposite.  Oh well.  The score is currently Patriots 4, Giants 1.

Today's pack:

2005 Topps Draft Picks and Prospects hobby pack

Go figure, the Niners are out of it, and I show a pack with Alex Smith on the cover.  I picked this pack up, along with a pack of 2005 Bowman, while visiting my wife's dad in Roanoke.  The card shop there is pretty old school, even down to the prices.  However, the prices in 2005 weren't too huge on these, yet, because Aaron Rodgers hadn't exploded yet.  So, these were some of the only somewhat reason packs in the store at $5.  Besides, I went there to buy something interesting, and this fit the bill.

This competition has become the Tom Brady show, which may happen in the big game. +1 for the Pats.  My rookie for the pack:

Many of you may recognize him from Gameday this year, and might not realize that he was an incredible college player.  Pollack was an absolute beast and a player I thought would have a long, productive NFL career.  An unfortunate injury ended his career way too early.  You may remember his "no he didn't just do that" play:

Fortunately, Pollack has done well with ESPN, and should be around for quite a while.  +1 for Super Bowl broadcasting crew.

My shiny card in the pack:

Not bad, but it's no Aaron Rodgers RC.

Patriots 5
Giants 1

and the Giants 1 came from a wrapper, not even a card.

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