Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Topps Series 2 for good measure

I'm not trying to finish the Topps flagship set like most people, but I always tend to pick up a few packs here or there because, well, it's Topps flagship.  At Wal-Mart the other day, I picked up a retail pack, a rack pack, and a hanger box.  I already showed of the not sparkle I got. Here is most of everything else:

Why not start with base cards...I picked the third retail pack from the top, the third rack pack back, and the third hanger box.  In honor of that, Topps decided I should get the same 3 base cards in the same order in all three packs:

At this point you should be thinking, "wow, if he really noticed the base cards, the rest of the stuff must not have been very exciting."  You would pretty much be right.

The inserts were unspectacular, including double Matt Hollidays.  I love the look of the Dimond Stars set, but really...a double...that's not easy to do.   My special Wal-Mart card for the hanger pack was Adrian Beltre.  In Series 1, I got a Jackie Robinson...we'll call the Beltre a little dissappointing.

Ah, yes, Greinke times 3.  At least one of them is different.  My three parallels pretty much stunk.  At least the Kimballs minis are nice. 

My two diamond giveaway codes revealed these:
1983 Topps #53 Mike Witt
Not too impressive there.  Sure, it's better than an '87...but isn't really knocking my socks off. 

1983 Topps #321 Brewers Leaders (Yount/Vuckovich)
Well, it's another '83, but at least this time there is a HOFer.  The .331 average shown for 1982 helped Yount earn unanimous AL MVP honors.  Any guy that has a lemonade named after him is okay in my book.  100% Rockin'.

Seriously...finding that site made buying these cards worth it.

I also got these two guys for the PC, which was nice:

Everything is for trade...except the Verlander and Upton, of course. 

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