Tuesday, June 28, 2011

1995 Fleer Ultra Reboot...WTF!?!?

Nothing says cards quite like mid-'90s Canadian CGI cartoons.  With a little help from Wikipedia, here are the cards I got:

Admiral Matrix - AKA Dot Matrix - Originally owned a local diner and many other "businesses" (as seen at the end of one episode in the first season). Took over as COMMAND.COM in the third season.

Evil Clutches - AKA Megabyte - A "command and conquer, and infectious" computer virus, and the series' main villain. He is the opposite of Hexadecimal, and is an "Order Virus." Once came from the virus known as Killabyte. When merging with his sister Hexadecimal, they form an even more powerful virus called Gigabyte. Has an English accent.

Armor Pile - Part of the game Castles & Knights within the Mainframe world.

Hyper Activity - AKA Enzo Matrix - Dot's younger brother who idolized Bob as a hero, later grows up to become the renegade simply known as Matrix. In keeping with the computer theme of the show, "ENZO" is an acronym of four common computer processor status register flags, (E)nable Interrupt + (N)egative + (Z)ero + (O)verflow.

Checklist 2 - Showing the whole crew!

Terrible Twosome - AKA Hack and Slash - The two most commonly seen Henchmen in Megabyte's employ. Neither of them is very good at problem solving. During the 3rd season they switched sides and joined the COMMAND.COM side of Mainframe.

The over-the-top use of computer words is painful.  I have no idea wtf this crap is.  Mid-'90s Fleer Ultra was supposed to be cool, I thought. 

Even Canadians are dissappointed in Canadians for that acid trip of a show.


Colbey said...

Don't worry, Mainframe's next venture was the awesome Transformers Beast Wars!!

caljr3000 said...

You weren't a kid of the 90s, eh? I watched this a bit when it was on (when Saturday morning cartoons didn't SUCK) and generally liked it, but then again I'm a big nerd. I wouldn't have gone after cards of the show, though.

Spankee said...


I actually was a kid in the '90s, but I don't remember that show at all. I'm a nerd, too, so I probably would have liked it. I guess I was just a little too far south for the show.