Friday, June 3, 2011

Random "Bonus Pack"

This is another couple of packs that came in my discounted K-Mart holiday box (yep, still working on that bad boy). We're almost through with the box, and we're getting down to the random crap.  In this case, it's a random silver pack with "Bonus Pack" on the front. 

As it turns out, it was a 5-card pack of 2008 Topps.  That is completely boring.  Maybe there will at least be some good players...

Hunter Pence, Angel Guzman, Gil Meche, Dmitri Young, Josh Bard

...or maybe not.

Well, that was just super.  I scanned Pence because he's probably the best card in the lot.  I scanned Young because he collects cards, which is cool as far as I'm concerned.

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